Mrs. Hansen

smoketree | Developmental Preschool ages 3-4 yrs
from: madera, california


"My students inspire me to create the optimum environment and curriculum for them to thrive."


im originally from

My name is Alexandra Hansen.My family and I recently moved from Madera (known locally as The Heart of California), California to lake Havasu City, Arizona. I grew up in the San Joaquin Valley, which is known nation wide for its agriculture.


After visiting Lake Havasu City with extended family we fell in love with the towns atmosphere, along with all of the local events and recreational family activities that this town has to offer. We have been visiting Lake Havasu City for years, and are excited to now call it home.


This will be my first year teaching.Though I have worked with students in a school setting since the fall of 2009. Ever since my senior year of high school I have been fortunate enough to work in fields relating to my major. I have had the opportunity to work as a student teacher, tutor, proctor for students with disabilities, assistant Montessori preschool teacher and most recently a Paraprofessional for special needs students grades K-8.


My hobbies include scrap-booking and collecting children's books. I also enjoy going to the lake, parks and playing board games with my family.


The wonderful Teachers and Mentors that I have had inspired me to continue my education and continue teaching.

I am passionate about teaching, creating and learning. In high school I had a wonderful Child Development teacher who referred me to the R.O.P. program at our school offered to Seniors. I enrolled in a student teaching class my senior year which paired with our local state university. Through the course I worked as a student teacher in a second grade classroom at the neighboring elementary school. Later that year I was elected president of our Teachers of Tomorrow Club, where we raised money to pay for our field trips and supplies we used with our students for projects. I went on to earn the 1st place price for lesson planning against all of the other central California participating ROP schools. I discovered that year that I LOVED teaching. I went on to work at a Montessori preschool where my Director mentored me and encouraged me to switch my major from Liberal Studies to Early Childhood Development, so that I could focus my learning even more so on the needs of the young child.


Dream classroom item: soft seating

In an A+ early childhood classroom children have multiple soft/cushioned places to sit. My classroom has pillows & rugs which I purchased and a set of old foam chairs which are covered in blue vinyl fabric that I cannot get fully cleaned.